Swimming Pool Service in Stamford, CT

Owning a pool has many perks that residents in Stamford love to enjoy. From basking in the warm sun rays, to pool parties and cannon balls, having a cool pool is what we love most here in our beautiful and sunny city. However, when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool, it can be a very tedious task. From cleaning to repairs, it ruins the luxurious mirage of owning a pool. Luckily, Palacios Pool Service LLC is here to provide exceptional swimming pool maintenance so you don’t have to worry about it anymore! We have been serving the Stamford, CT area for years and specialize in prompt service and deliver complete client satisfaction.

Swimming Pool Service

Palacios Pool Service LLC keeps up with the latest developments in the industry and uses only the best chemicals available on the market for excellent water quality. We have experience in servicing re-plastered, new and old pools, while providing high quality swimming pool repair. We also offer pool inspections to ensure you have a safe and clean pool to wade in. We respond quickly to any of your questions and concerns. Our strong relationship with clients has always been based on open communication with our clients. We listen to what you have to say and make sure to address your worries. As reputable pool cleaners and pool cleaning service team, we strive on client gratification and hope to exceed all of your expectations.

During the change of seasons we provide pool closing and pool opening service. This will prep your pool to go into or out of use at the beginning and end of winter. Our expert winterization services will help keep your pool in top condition during all times of the year.

From pool equipment repair to pool cleaning, we handle any swimming pool service you may require in order to keep your pool looking its best. You can count on us for clean, efficient, and safe swimming pool maintenance services. Contact us today and we will be there in a splash!

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