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Swimming Pool Repair

If your swimming pool isn’t working properly, you can count on Palacios Pool Service LLC to help. If a pool isn’t being cared for properly, there are many issues that can cause problems. Regular swimming pool service will catch potential problems before they develop into serious, costly issues.

Our team can provide a full inspection and suggest the best repair options before we start working. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way!

Pool Equipment Repair

Sometimes, the pool itself is fine but the equipment has failed. Pump failure is a common problem that can lead to problems with your water level. These issues can be caused by blockages, dirty water, or equipment simply being worn out. 

Other common issues include broken pool lighting, lining leaks, and broken pool filters. If left unchecked, pool issues can lead you to avoid your pool. We recommend getting them addressed as soon as possible so you can get back to enjoying regular swims, pool parties, and all the other benefits that come with having a pool.

Pool Equipment Repair

For more information about Swimming Pool Repair, please contact Palacios Pool Service LLC in Stamford, CT today!

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